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Mikhail & Olesya
Founders of Galaxy Dance Academy

Master Coaches in Ballroom Dancing | 
Asian Champions and World Class Rank | 
Champions #1 of Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, HK and others
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Venue: 9 Purvis Street #02-02/03, 
Singapore 188588 
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🔸 Introduce a Ballroom and Latin-American Dances
🔸 Will Discover Beats and Musical Rhythm   
🔸 Will Learn and Dance impressive Moves
🔸 Dance in Great Studio with Encouraging Teachers  
🔸 Meet New Friends who Share Same Passion 
100% Expression Through The Music 
 Learning Dancing and Presentasion witrh Music
Discover New Dance Trends for 2021
Our Galaxy Team Is Ready To Introduce & Develop for Any Level
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9 Purvis Street #02-02/03, 
Singapore 188588 
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